Blue Sky Ideas

# Author(s) Title
47 Tim Baarslag Multi-deal Negotiation
1160 Jean-Loup Farges, Filipo Perotto, Gauthier Picard, CŽdric Pralet, Cyrille De Lucy, Jonathan Guerra, Philippe Pavero and Fabrice Planchou Going Beyond Mono-Mission Earth Observation: Using the Multi-Agent Paradigm to Federate Multiple Missions
1169 Peter Vamplew, Cameron Foale, Conor Hayes, Patrick Mannion, Enda Howley, Richard Dazeley, Scott Johnson, Johan KŠllstršm, Gabriel De O. Ramos, Roxana Radulescu, Willem Ropke and Diederik M. Roijers Utility-Based Reinforcement Learning: Unifying Single-objective and Multi-objective Reinforcement Learning
1173 Ramon Fraga Pereira and Felipe Meneguzzi Empowering BDI Agents with Generalised Decision-Making
1183 Rui Prada, Astrid Homan and Gerben van Kleef Towards Sustainable Human-Agent Teams: A Framework for Understanding Human-Agent Team Dynamics
1184 Behrad Koohy, Jan Buermann, Vahid Yazdanpanah, Pamela Briggs, Paul Pschierer-Barnfather, Enrico Gerding and Sebastian Stein Adaptive Incentive Engineering in Citizen-Centric AI
1185 Manon Revel, Niclas Boehmer, Rachael Colley, Markus Brill, Piotr Faliszewski and Edith Elkind Selecting Representative Bodies: An Axiomatic View
1188 Emiliano Lorini Designing Artificial Reasoners for Communication
1191 Alessandro Ricci, Stefano Mariani, Franco Zambonelli, Samuele Burattini and Cristiano Castelfranchi The “Cognitive Hourglass”: Agent Abstractions in the Large Models Era
1192 Sebastian Rodriguez and John Thangarajah Explainable Agents (XAg) by Design