AIDBEI Diversity Activity

AIDBEI Affinity Group Event is the second in the series of events organized by Diverse In AI of AAMAS. The organizers of this event wish to bring together these communities to strive to achieve the intersecting goals through interdisciplinary collaborations. The purpose of the event is to increase the diversity, belonging, equity, and inclusiveness (DBEI) of AAMAS by providing peer review, mentoring, critical feedback, and shepherding of papers relevant to the main conference. The event included machine learning with emphasis on natural language processing (NLP), computer vision (CV), and reinforcement learning (RL) with affinity group partners. The event will be a half-day event featuring 3 to 4 sessions which includes brief welcoming remarks, followed by a 1 to 2-hour session of invited talks or contributed talks, and the oral presentations. In the spirit of fostering new collaborations and meaningful exchange of ideas, care will be taken to allocate sufficient time for discussions and questions. The target audience consists of artificial intelligence educators, practitioners, and students. There will be expected 20 – 30 AAMAS attendees. 

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